Frequently asked questions – Error troubleshooting

Why do I get lot of “Unknown type” or “Invalid Plugin Method  Format” errors when I launch Xojo ?

The most common cause for this is that the user has forgotten to Install TypeLib. TypeLib defines types such as Rect and Point for example that other Einhugur plugins internally use.

Other reasons can be one of the following:

1. You dont have the latest version of the TypeLib.
2. The * or the # has been removed from the name of the TypeLib. That may not be done, the * or the # are to make sure the TypeLib loads before other plugins.
3. Some plugins internally use CoreClasses, so you may need
to install the CoreClasses plugin.
4. Other non Einhugur related issues.

After installing plugins then I get errors when compiling most or all projects. What can be the reason?

We have had quite a lot of cases where users have put all the files that come with the plugins into the Plugin Directory, both files and directories which could cause problems like this.

The correct installation of Plugins is to put only the .xojo_plugin files into the Plugin  directory and no additional files or directories should ever be placed in the Xojo Plugin directory.

When I try to compile the example projects then I get errors similar to this:
An error has occuured while compiling this project
Message: This name is already in use.

The most common reason for this error is if you have installed two
instances or more of the same plugin. You are not supposed to have for example both TreeView.xojo_plugin and TreeView.rbx.

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