Other Xojo Blogs

The official blog from Xojo Inc.
The official Xojo Blog

Bob has for long time had blog on Xojo development.
I really like this one (probably since I tend to agree with Bob on many things)
BKeeney Briefs

MBS  Plugin Blog – He is supposed to be competitor but the Xojo community is small and it is hard to see anyone as competitor in a small community where people know each other.   (I met Christian in Reykjavik 2015, making him the 3rd from the Xojo community that I meet with in person)

Monkeybread Software Blog

1701 Developer Blog. They specialize in development of Xojo based applications  with the idea that business owners should not have to choose between Windows or Mac.

1701 Developer Blog

Einhugur technical blog that involves Xojo and Einhugur Xojo plugin related topics

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